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Students come to Vedilink to discover themselves. Help them discover your institution.

An integrated platform that ties everything together

Every institute is a world of its own, which is why we built Vedilink Enterprise for every size, operation, and scale to work better together, all in one place.

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Go from physical to digital

Adapt to our new digital reality with a powerful network that can take all your activities fully virtual. With our platform you can connect your students around the globe with an exclusive network that’s willing to answer questions, provide career advice and mentorship and give back.

Network effects

Boost collaboration

Education powers innovation—and it all starts on Vedilink. Top organizations are learning from the communities and are building an culture to build a bettwe tomorrow.

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More Ambassadors. More Mentors. More Donors.

Stay in touch with all of your students in one space where you can offer them valuable and meaningful connections. Whether leveraging alumni as ambassadors for enrollment, mentoring students for college admissions or career guidance, now you can leverage your powerful network across your organization.


Setting up an event is now the easiest part of your programming.

Say goodbye to the tedious backend process of setting up an event. Vedilink simplifies setting up a virtual or in-person event - complete with an automated ticketing and RSVP system.

Engagement Analytics

Your Data. Your Control.

Get a bird’s eye view of your data using our insightful dashboard. A modern UI coupled with intuitive filters means your data can offer your organization better insights.

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Trusted by prominent organizations

Create one place where students can align their passions to their academic path. Connect more students with advisors, counselors, mentors, and student success leaders. Join the network today!

To build better student relations, we need a direct line to it. Vedilink accelerates production, progress, and connections, bringing us closer to our students.

DK Singh

Director, BIT Sindri

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    • ✓Collaboration tools
    • ✓Talent search
    • ✓Alumni management
    • ✓Lead Generation
    • ✓Dynamic & Text Ads
    • ✓Deep insights
    • ✓Priority support
    • ✓Sponsored content & Messaging
    • ✓Simplified account administration